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Discovery Chiropractic and Wellness Center was created to provide a non-prescription, non-invasive solution for those experiencing pain, numbness, or limitations through the use of modern techniques and technology. Dr. Bowman practices according to the latest evidence-based guidelines which are designed to quickly alleviate your pain and provide you with the tools to live functional lives.

Dr. Bowman takes a multi-faceted approach using a combination of: chiropractic, biomechanical, soft tissue, and specialized rehabilitation; all of which are customized according to your medical needs. Whether the nature of your pain is a result of a sports-injury, post-injury, arthritic, etc., Dr. Bowman is able to fast track health improvements and produce lasting results.

Discovery Chiropractic and Wellness Center uses state- of- the art technology and laser therapy to treat its patients, including the latest advances in the field of physical medicine through use of cold laser therapy. This technology is allowing clinicians to speed up injury recovery and effectively manage many painful conditions that are historically difficult to treat. With this laser, we are able to reach the deeper layers of the body (i.e. the spinal joints and discs) allowing us to focus treatment directly on the unhealthy tissue and jump start the healing process from within.

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We are your premier chiropractic clinic, proudly serving: Charlotte, Huntersville, Lake Norman, Mountain Island, Harrisburg, and Concord.

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Dr. LaTanya Bowman
Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. LaTanya Bowman is a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner.

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